[FF Project Seq. WIWYM] One Minute

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Title : One Minute
Author : kyubumgirl
Cast : Song Eunso, Cho Kyuhyun, Ok Taecyeon.
Genre : Hurt/Comfort
Lengeth : Oneshot

1 Minute [Kyu-So]

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Author: kyubumgirl

Calon wartawan yang lebih suka sama makanan daripada tubuh ideal.

One thought on “[FF Project Seq. WIWYM] One Minute”

  1. Chukkae😄😘🎊🎉 mnangkan d project ka littlechicknya , sukses trus yak maaf klo aku bukn jdi readers yg km harepin hehe ..shat trus za yak apalgi kan mau KKN hrus extra fit 😄

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